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The Sign Maker

Down a sharp-edged alley, between looming factories, this doesn’t feel like the place for an artist’s workshop. But tucked away amongst this concrete jungle you’ll find TJ Guzzardi the sign maker, creating traditional, hand-painted signs and art from his studio. The crack beneath TJ’s roller door reveals a mix between a bric-a-brac shop and a… Read More


Louise Meuwissen is an Emerging Crafter and Artist

Standing in front of Louise Meuwissen’s Cosmos (Time Warp), the winner of the Dumbo Feather award at Craft’s Fresh! exhibition this year, I found myself being drawn deeper and deeper into the piece, subconsciously shuffling further and further forward to look at its details. Thick wool, another shuffle, glossy beads, shuffle, fine thread, shuffle… By the time I came… Read More


Humans of New York

Standing in a moving throng of strangers, we’re surrounded by people living their lives. No kidding, right? But think about it, really think about it. Consider how important you are to yourself then look at a stranger; for you that person has no bearing, but to them there’s no one more important. If you think about… Read More